Engineering & Transportation Services

Engineering Services

Engineering Services consists of many areas:
  • Engineering Design collaborating with campus to ensure good stewardship to campus buildings when a proposed project alters or connects to building systems or architecture.
  • Quality Assurance ensures that university facilities are designed and constructed to be consistent with world class institutions.
  • Campus Code Compliance & Fire Safety is responsible for the fire and life safety programs and the existing building and fire code compliance functions for the campus.
  •  Facilities Information Resources maintains building records and a space inventory, and provides mapping, drafting, and graphic design services.
  • The Division of Responsibility (DoR) coordinator creates DoRs for new buildings, reviews and updates DoRs for existing buildings, and ensures the DoR Guidelines are consistent and fairly applied across campus.

Transportation Services

Several departments within Campus Services provide vital support for other F&S divisions and for the campus at large.