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Archibus holds space data (use, occupant, square footage, and more) for over 23 million square feet of university buildings, and is accessed by users through the web interface called “Archibus Web Central”.

Requesting Access

Request access to Archibus Web Central by filling out the “Request for Web Central User Account”. Before submitting, the form must be signed by the applicant's “Unit Approver” (this is typically a facility manager at the college or unit level). 

The list below defines access the applicant will receive for the role selected:

Campus Space RoleView All Campus Space / Edit Space for a specified College
Department Space RoleView All Space in a specified College / Edit Space for specified Departments within the College
Campus Viewer Role:  View All Space in a specified College / No Editing 

Once the applicant’s role is defined, and the account is created, the new user will be contacted to schedule and complete the required training.

Applicants who are employed by Facilities and Services may gain access to the system by sending a ticket to the "FandS Support Desk" with subject line: “Request access to Archibus Web Central”. They will be set up with an account, and given the Facilities and Services role (see more information about roles, above).


Training is required to access the system.  After the account has been set up, the new user will be contacted to schedule and complete the training.


Archibus Web Central Users Guide PDF
Reference Guide #1 PDF
Reference Guide #2 PDF

Look-Up Tables
Occupant - College, Departments, Divisions XLS
Use & Use Type XLS

Frequently Asked Questions


3/30/2017            Archibus Web Central has been upgraded to include:

  1. People in Space: The system can now track individual employees in rooms.
  2. Modify Space Data: Users now have the ability to change usage/department space information directly in the system.
  3. Floor Plan Requests: Users now have the ability to request specific user-identified updates to floor plans through the system.
  4. Online Space Survey: Users can now complete the campus space survey online.


Login to Archibus Web Central at:

For additional information and support, email: