About Capital Project Management

The Project Management department is responsible for the successful execution of all capital construction projects that require competitive bids from the construction industry.  As delegated by the Board of Trustees, Project Managers (PMs) are the university's representative on construction projects and are authorized to manage professional service consultant and contractor contracts for the design, bid/award, construction, commissioning and closeout phases of capital projects for the Urbana campus. 

Initial phases of projects (initiation, programming, consultant selection, feasibility or conceptualization) are managed by the Project Planning Department. However, PMs monitor these early activities and provide input to contribute to the successful delivery of the project.  At the start of the design phase, the PM assumes the lead management role and proceeds with execution of all remaining phases through the completion of the project. 

During the design, bid/award, construction, commissioning and closeout phases, the PM administers all contracts and works to ensure each professional and contractor meet the requirements of the contract documents, including the scope, schedule, and budget. The PM coordinates all work with the various parties involved in the project, including internal UIUC personnel and a multitude of external entities, e.g., cities, permitting authorities, and the general public.

The Project Management department is committed to delivering capital projects successfully, professionally, and collaboratively, while keeping customer satisfaction a priority and serving in the best interest of the university.