Approved closures on the Urbana campus are implemented following a carefully coordinated review of each request by F&S to establish alternate circulation routes in the best interest of pedestrian safety, accessibility, and minimizing potential conflicts for all transportation modes. 

When a sidewalk, bike path, street, service drive, or bike parking area needs to be closed for any reason, a Closure Request Form detailing closure dates and traffic rerouting information is required to be submitted to F&S for approval at least two weeks in advance. This timeframe ensures proper notification and coordination with campus units, a thorough review, and allows for the creation of detailed diagram routes for pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles with descriptions of required signage, barricade locations, and other traffic control measures. Once approved,   this information is shared with the campus and local community through multiple communication methods.

Generally, it is helpful to begin the closure process as soon as the location is determined. If a major event will close an area in a few months, please let Transportation Demand Management know immediately, so corresponding projects can be coordinated appropriately. The closure request form should be submitted when the specific dates and times of the closure are known, for dispersal to all involved agencies.

Impact of Major Campus Street and Capital Construction Projects

Closures adjacent to construction sites may require additional considerations due to a variety of aspects such as the designated work areas, required equipment, on-site materials staging location, and contractor access points. Each construction site is unique and multiple factors must be taken into consideration when determining transportation routes impact and how to provide effective routes for pedestrians and vehicles, while properly addressing frequency of construction deliveries, duration of construction traffic, and right-of-way space availability.

F&S, along with project stakeholders, makes every attempt when possible to minimize the potential inconveniences of projects and associated closures by scheduling major work phases over the summer and winter breaks with a reduced number of faculty and staff on campus.  However, that is not always possible due to the extent of the project scope.  The scale and duration of some campus projects necessitate the need for a secure and consistent construction perimeter maintained over several years.

Campus is its own city with major street improvements, new facility construction, and major building renovations occurring continuously. These upgrades and renovations are all being performed to support the mission of the university and are made possible through the teamwork of the organizations involved.  This includes the commitment of units contributing their efforts to the approved closure process with the goal of always protecting the welfare of students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors.

Approved Closures

Streets near Everitt Laboratory

Closure Begins:
01/04/2016 07:00:00
06/01/2018 00:00:00
Street(s), Sidewalks, Bike Path or Parking to be Closed: Northbound parking lane of Wright Street between East Green Street and East Healy St. East Sidewalk Parallel to Wright Street will be closed. The Bus route on the east side of Wright Street will no longer be active. The sidewalk between S Wright Street and Engineering Hall on the North side of Everitt Lab will be closed.
Intersecting Streets which are affected or define limits of closure: From the South East corner of Everitt lab to Boneyard Creek
Reason for Closure: Renovation of Everitt Lab
Additional Information: map
  • Contact: Brian Beneke
  • Phone: 217-210-0167