The university contracts with the Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District (MTD) to provide bus service throughout campus. Because of this agreement, the university ID card serves as a full-access MTD bus pass for any route at any time. MTD schedules, maps, and transit district information are available online at www.cumtd.com.

How to Ride the MTD

Track Your Ride

MTD's STOPwatch technology tracks the exact location of each bus and projects the departure time for any given stop location in real time. Every intersection and major destination in the community has a unique identifying number, so riders can use text messaging, the internet, or the stationary displays throughout campus to know when to catch the bus.

Campus Routes

The four primary campus routes are the Gold, Yellow, Teal, and Silver, creating a box pattern and connecting the four corners of campus with the Champaign and Urbana downtown areas. These are high-frequency routes with 10-minute service. The Illini route and the Green route also serve campus with 10- and 15-minute service frequencies.

Traveling with Bikes

MTD buses are equipped with bike racks which hold two bicycles at a time.There is no extra charge for using the bike racks, but if the racks are full, you may need to wait for the next bus. Properly folded folding bikes may be brought on board if they do not block the aisle or doors. MTD's How to Ride offers more information about traveling with a bike.


Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES) provides disability-related supports and services for students with disabilities at the University of Illinois, including assistance with academics, living accommodations, athletics, campus life, health and wellness, and paratransit. DRES' Office of Accessibility and Transportation Services offers regular route rides, night rides, call-in service, and rides for special events within the University Campus District. In addition, DRES provides rides to Willard Airport, the Illinois Terminal, and various off-campus locations. All buses are lift-equipped. DRES' Getting Around page provides more information.