Respiratory Protection

Some campus activities have the potential to expose individuals to airborne contaminants.

If engineering and administrative controls are not feasible to control these contaminants, respiratory protection is provided for employees.

Employees and students must wear respirators to protect themselves from hazardous chemicals and particulates in the air when doing certain tasks. The respirator training program discusses why respirators must be worn, the correct way to wear a respirator, medical requirements, and how to properly clean, care for, and maintain a respirator. Fit testing, conducted by the Division of Safety and Compliance, involves fitting the individual into the appropriate respirator type and style needed for the work being performed. The University Respiratory Protection Policy provides more detailed information. A respiratory protection fact sheet offers a quick reference.

The Student Medical Questionnaire must be completed by student to obtain medical clearance for respirator use. Please contact the Occupational Safety and Health Section to request the Student Medical Questionnaire or to schedule a training session.