Utilities & Energy Services (UES) Distribution is responsible for the planning, operation, maintenance, safety, and security of utility-distribution systems on the Urbana campus. UES Distribution is responsible for electrical, steam, natural gas, chilled water, and water (including raw water, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer). These utilities are produced by UES Production or come via connections to local public utilities. Utility meters are located at each building.


Tunnels and piping systems are for utilities distribution to campus and for authorized personnel use only.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requires UES to construct and maintain a Facility Response Plan to address leaks and spills. A team must be available to respond to spills 24/7. Mandatory annual emergency response drills are held with local fire departments and other emergency-response agencies.
  • Chilled Water

  • Electricity

  • Natural Gas

  • Potable Water

  • Sanitary Sewer

  • Steam

  • Stormwater Sewer

Facilities Response Plan

Housed on south campus are two million-gallon oil tanks. Because the university houses these tanks, it is required by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to maintain an emergency plan to address leaks and spills. Included in this plan is protocol requiring an available team to respond to spills 24/7, as well as mandatory  annual emergency response drills with local fire departments and other emergency-response agencies.

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