Energy Conservation Incentive Program

The Energy Conservation Incentive Program (ECIP) awards building upgrades on campus in facilities which have produced top energy conservation results. The ECIP encourages energy conservation through the behavioral and structural changes of academic units and cooperation of building occupants. Each year eight campus buildings will receive ECIP awards in two separate categories.

The ECIP measures energy conservation in buildings as the percentage difference of energy usage during the most recent fiscal year compared to the previous fiscal year. Building energy consumption is tracked online in the Energy Billing System (EBS) New users may request EBS authentication from Facilities & Services Utilities & Energy Services (UES) Division.

Energy Conservation Fact Sheet

FY13 Energy Conservation Incentive Program Winners


Energy Advancement Category

1. Atmospheric Science Building
2. Spurlock Museum
3. Main Library
4. Grainger Engineering Library

Occupant Action Category

1. Undergraduate Library
2. Law Building
3. Christopher Hall
4. Henry Administration Building