Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a service request/contractor service request?

All service requests are made through the my.FS Portal. ( Login using your NetId and password and then select service request through the portal menu. Next, select a service type in the portal by either indicating Contractor Services or Service Request for all other items.

Who do I call with emergency issues involving my building?

In a critical situation, requiring immediate action, or for any problem regarding an elevator or gas odor, the online request form should NOT be used. Call the Service Office (SO). In all other instances, use the portal. During emergency/extreme situations, the SO experiences a high volume of calls. At those peak times, the SO must keep conversations brief to respond to as many customers as possible.

How can I access my Division of Responsibility (DoR) documents?

DoR documents may be accessed through the my.FS Portal. First, a user must complete a DoR Access Consent Request Form as a primary building contact (the form is available under the DoR tab in the portal). A help file is available in completing the form. All other questions pertaining to DoR should be directed to the DoR Coordinator, Nenad Marjanovic, (217-300-3531 or the SO.

Are all service requests made through the my.FS Portal?

Yes. All service requests are made through the my.FS Portal. If you have questions prior to submitting a potential service request please contact the SO (217-333-0340 or

How can I get a status update on my work orders?

The status of work orders may be obtained by using the Work Status Communication tool in the my.FS Portal. Work Status Communication emails go directly to my.FS Portal users. Using the Work Order Reporting Tool, queries can be made, saved, and its data exported. For all other questions regarding work orders, please contact the Service Office.

What number do I use to contact F&S?

Contact the SO from 8:00 a.m – 4:30 p.m. M-F (217-333-0340 or For customer and media relations questions contact Customer Relations & Communications (217- 244-8629 or