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Complete Flooring Services


Campus units considering new flooring options can now get expert assistance from the F&S carpenters. Bob Weeks, carpenters foreman, works directly with customers to help meet the needs of their space. He helps them meet their budgets, too. It’s a process that starts with material selection.

“There are a lot of new commercial flooring products today, like modular carpet tile and planks, which gives the customer options,” said Weeks. “When we meet, we listen to what they’re trying to accomplish, evaluate the area and any existing issues, and then either direct them to a website so they can look at online samples to narrow their choices, or order full-size samples for them, so they can see it in their space and see how it matches the current environment or décor. Price estimates are then sent based on their choices.

“When you are looking to change flooring, itcan also be a perfect time to examine any other changes you might want to make to the space,” said Weeks. “Maybe the customer will want to consider moving a wall to make things more open, for instance. F&S carpenters can help them with those decisions.”

Andy Sestak, assistant director for the University Office of Planning and Budgeting, has used F&S to complete several flooring projects in the Henry Administration Building and has been pleased with both the quality of the product and the installation. “One of the biggest advantages is the ability of the carpenters to purchase carpet directly from manufacturers, thereby allowing them to provide competitive pricing to the campus customers,” said Sestak. “Plus, they are obviously fully integrated with the rest of the F&S shops that may be needed to complete each job, whether that’s the laborers, mill workers, painters, building service workers, or movers.