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Facilities & Services (F&S) is the largest administrative unit on the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Campus. F&S provides all physical plant, operational, and essential services for sustaining an environment that fosters to research, teaching, and public engagement activities of the university. The organization employs approximately 1,200 dedicated men and women serving in both civil service and academic professional positions. The F&S goal is to support the university's education, research, and outreach missions by improving the physical condition of the facilities and grounds.

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March 6, 2015

Engineering Zones

Oversight of the south engineering zone has shifted to Brad Ellison. Ellison will retain his current role as management engineer for central campus in addition to his new duties.

New Outage Request E-mail
The F&S Service Office will begin using a new outage request email format next week. The email notifications, sent to all stakeholders involved with the outage, will contain the same information as the current notifications.... [Read More Updates]

Spotlight Service

F&S Garage

F&S Garage

If you think the word “garage” refers strictly to automobiles, then you haven’t visited the F&S garage. In addition to cars, the garage services generators, trucks, tractors, Zambonis, fire trucks, tools, and much more for the University of Illinois.

“We fix anything that has a combustible engine,” said Shawn Patterson, the garage foreman. “What’s good about our garage is that nobody... [Read More]

Krannert Art Museum (KAM)

When the Krannert Art Museum (KAM) ran into a problem with the display for its upcoming exhibit, it didn’t have time to call the architects responsible for the show. Walter Wilson, KAM’s design... [Read More]

Surprise found in Lincoln Hall Gateway

It’s not two centuries old, like the Paul Revere time capsule recently stumbled upon in Boston, but the unearthing of a 100-year-old box in the wall of the Lincoln Hall Gateway last month is still thrilling to Melvyn Skvarla... [Read More]